Your Business is My Business

A truly Satisfying Life is an Inside Job

We all have an Inner Guide pointing the best way toward satisfaction, joy, creativity and happiness. I can show you how to listen.



I'm Paula Heartland, a Life Coach for almost thirty years now. Wow... I don't feel old, but I'm getting there. 

I'm here to help you find love and abundant success!


What you most desire is possible.

I have an extensive bag of tools I've acquired over the years to help you grow more love, and more wealth. They do go together. I can show you how.

Where you are now, you've come by honestly. All judgments begone. You've simply laid tracks for what is possible now. 

How we relate to ourselves has everything to do with how we relate to families, lovers and yes -- our money. When we recognize our limited beliefs are in the way,  we find new actions that produce new results.

Love and wealth are an inside job. They are not tied to what we perceive as present circumstances. Circumstances change when we do.

I promise you'll appreciate yourself more, and be surprised by your results. I promise, if you focus you'll receive more than you believed possible. 

I wish you success!


Client Reviews

I would not hesitate to work with Paula and recommend her highly for anything you’re working on.
— Gregor Barnum, former Director at 7th Generation
Paula showed me how to feel safe in a romantic relationship which I never believed possible. She helped me see what was real and what wasn’t, and how to clarify what I want in a relationship.
— Mary N.
Paula is a talented, dedicated and caring coach. Leap into the person you are meant to be with her skill and guidance.
— Lorrie F.
Paula is very practical. I’ve been through dating, marriage, adopting, and parenting. She’s consistently comforting, penetrating and skillful helping to guide me. I recommend her very highly.
— Mary B.
My experience with Paula has been invaluable. She offered me so much more than I expected. She help expand my life and the way I look at my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If there were a 500 star rating system I would give her all of them.
— Danielle H.
Lucky if you happen upon Paula, someone who brought my mind up a few notches and helped the real me take its place of honor. I’ve never had a coach produce as rich guidance as she does.
— Judy David
Paula’s presentation showed me it is really not as complicated as I make it out to be to start dating. She showed me above all it’s important to surrender and be authentic.
— Seza O.