Love is Possible at Any Age


I've witnessed numerous people find each other when they felt there was no chance. All you need is one, and one is ready and close by.

How Do They Find Us?

It's an inside job:

1. We release a lingering old hurt. 

2. We "see" ourselves with our partner now

3. We act in new ways, and the world around us surprises us with new people.

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"Paula Heartland has supported me in such a deep, heartfelt way in finding a life partner. Her certainty that the “right” person for me would appear when I became clear on how that would feel, worked."

Ginger Clark, Ph.D. 

"Paula offers hope, optimism and clarity to women to find love and partnership. She has honed such a concentrated set of tools that even a couple of sessions is valuable."

Lauren Z. Schneider, psychotherapist